Hello, my name is Asha. I am an anesthesiologist who practices full-time as Chief of Anesthesiology at a small community hospital. I am also a woman, a mother and a wife.

Women in the medical field face a unique set of challenges if they choose to accept leadership positions. We are unfortunately still in the minority in leadership roles within the medical community.

This site “Women Leaders In Medicine” is intended to encourage women physicians who are interested in  leadership roles and to provide a forum where women physicians can learn from the experiences of those who have gone before.

5 years ago when I was unexpectedly given an opportunity to take a leadership role in my private practice anesthesia group, to say I was ill prepared is an understatement. Having had absolutely no exposure to any thing to do either with the business side of medical practice or with managing and leading a group of physicians and nurses, I started looking around (rather desperately!) for any help I could get in learning what I needed to learn. Neither the internet nor any one around me could provide me with any guidance. Although some of the challenges would have been the same no matter what my gender, I felt some were unique to my not being part of “the old boys club”.

The idea for Women Leaders In Medicine has been incubating ever since that time.

In the subsequent years I have moved on to a new job as a Chief of Anesthesiology at a community hospital. When I looked around at other Chiefs of Anesthesia in my large group practice and in the wider anesthesia community, I did not find many women in the Chief position. I was lucky to have a couple of other female Chiefs welcome me when I first started and they provided me with a sense of support.

Since I am still relatively young in my own journey,  I hope to learn through conversations with other women leaders about their journey and share the knowledge with women in medicine who aspire to leadership roles. I also hope to encourage other women physicians to actively seek out leadership opportunities. We need more women leaders in medicine.


Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi